Providing customer confidence and continuity

"To provide a sustainable and profitable growth for our organization and our customers with our expert and skilled personnel, problem-free operation concept, and international service quality that we offer by applying total quality management."


• To use advanced inspection techniques
• To keep accurate and reliable records
• Low cost, high quality
• Continuous training and development
• Customer orientation and honesty


• To keep impartiality and integrity ahead of every other principle and to ensure their permanence by commiting independence of all parties involved in the inspections to be carried out and educate and aware our personnel about this principle. And by this way to keep our prestige.
• To strengthen qualifications and abilities and support professional development of our personnel ceaselessly with the awareness of the fact that; main source of our success is the qualified and competent personnel with a high motivation.
• To perform all our activities in compliance with related national and international standards, agreements and specifications.
• To ensure customer satisfaction with ceaselessly improved and dependable equipment and services provided by personnel who are good at time management.
• To always improve our quality management system by taking corrective / preventive precautions for the non-conformities observed following the internal audits.
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