Therefore, TAKSAN is "A Reliable Partner for Quality".
Our management and personnel thoroghly understands the meaning and importance of environmental sensitivity and the necessity of continuous training on environmental issues . Company management assures that all necessary resources are utilized in achieving goals stated in Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001.


Our company cares about and follows all applicable regulations and codes which are required in eliminating any possible health and safety issue in advance. It has utmost importance for Taksan to ensure that its personnel are always careful while handling their assignments and knows how to react in case of any possible health and safety incident.

Our company implements following guidelines for Health and safety:

• To adhere to laws and regulations on heath and safety,
• To plan, implement and maintain health and safety trainings,
• To utilize and upgrade our resources in improving our health and safety policy,
• To keep company's Health and Safety Policy accessible to our personnel, our customers and third parties whenever and wherever needed.
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